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Portable microplastics or eDNA depth sampling device

Collect filtered microplastic or eDNA samples down to 400-meter depths from a small vessel or fixed installation.

Ascension portability

Sample Anywhere, Anytime

Designed for accessibility, Ascension is a 20-pound tethered device that collects filtered microplastic or eDNA samples down to 400 meters from the side of a small vessel or fixed installation without heavy and expensive equipment.

Ascension Pinch Valve

Reduce Contamination Risks

Equipped with in situ filtration and a pinch valve system that pulls water through seven filter housings, Ascension samples in various marine and freshwater environments while helping to eliminate contamination.

Ascension Interface

Collect Real-Time Data

Ascension’s full CTD sensor allows you to measure depth, temperature, salinity, flow rate and total volume filtered in real-time so you can collect highly targeted samples based on your unique research interests. 

Advance your marine pollution and biodiversity research and monitoring efforts.

Protecting our oceans from marine plastic and biodiversity loss requires ongoing monitoring and research efforts, but the equipment to do so has been inaccessible, heavy, expensive, not-fit-for purpose, took hours of time to operate or required post-sampling filtration leaving the samples prone to contamination risks.

Ascension was designed by marine scientists and engineers to overcome the challenges of collecting microplastics or eDNA in the water column. Ascension is configured for your application (microplastics or eDNA) and enables “the science we need for the oceans we want.” (Ocean Decade) 

Case Studies and Applications

Ascension in Salish Sea Estuaries


SeaChange Marine Conservation Society deployed Ascension to collect environmental DNA from several estuaries to expand regional Salish Sea salmon conservation. 


“Ascension took away a barrier for the skills needed for sampling. It is foolproof compared to other equipment. I was really excited. I can’t believe the data we’ll get!" - Susan Anthony, 


Ascension in Australian Marine Parks

Minderoo Foundation collected hundreds of eDNA samples with Ascension along Australia's southwestern coastlines, compared the technology to Niskin sampling and tested its scalability for marine parks biodiversity monitoring.


You can just go out with the Ascension device and sample quite easily on the tender itself. It opens a lot more doors for end users to implement eDNA into their (biodiversity) monitoring.” - Research Analyst, Marcelle Ayad.