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Conduct Biodiversity Assessments


Marine pollution, invasive species, overfishing, climate change and other human activities threaten biodiversity and life below water (SDG 14). By studying environmental DNA (eDNA), researchers can better understand biodiversity loss and identify solutions to protect ecosystems, environments and species at risk.

​Ocean Diagnostics develops easy-to-use eDNA samplers for biodiversity monitoring so that scientists, government, environmental firms and community scientists can collect the data needed to help decision makers to better understand the problem and implement informed decisions.

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Simple and Cost Effective

Environmental DNA (eDNA) sampling provides a simple, cost effective and less invasive method to conduct biodiversity and environmental impact assessments. It can be used for early detection of invasive species, parasites and pathogens.

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Discover our eDNA Samplers

Study biodiversity and ecosystems with Ascension's eDNA environmental technology

Ascension eDNA Sampler

Portable and Automated Depth Sampling

Collect filtered eDNA samples down to 400 m depths from any size vessel or fixed installation. Ascension is a 22-pound tethered device equipped with in-situ filtration and a pinch valve system that pulls water through seven filter housings helping to eliminate contamination. Its fully integrated CTD sensor allows you to measure depth, temperature, salinity, flow rate and total volume filtered in real-time so you can collect highly targeted samples based on your unique research interests. 

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Study invasive species with eDNA samplers

Basic Two-Channel eDNA Sampler

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Collect filtered surface-water field samples using two powerful and compact self-priming diaphragm pumps. Powered by a rechargeable battery, the Sampler draws water through filters and effectively captures eDNA for further analysis. Customizable to suit your sampling needs and versatile for remote locations.

Study invasive species with eDNA samplers

Advanced Two-Channel eDNA Sampler

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Determine real-time flow rate, total volume pumped, geo location, and satellite UTC time with integrated designated flow meter, GPS and integrated LCD screen. Customize different filter types and sizes to suit your specific sampling needs.


Easy to Use


Ascension Minderoo Web Ready Giacomo_d_Orlando_OceanOmics_Abrolhos_Islands_11

Case Study

Ascension collects hundreds of eDNA samples in Australian Marine Parks


In a collaboration with Minderoo Foundation, Ascension for eDNA was deployed across 2,000+ kilometers of Australia's southwestern coastline to compare data reliability with existing methods and test the instrument's scalability for marine parks.


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