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Collect the data you need to inform solutions for marine pollution and biodiversity loss. 

Advancing Scientific Data to Protect the Environment

The ocean makes up 70% of Earth and provides approximately 2/3 of the global population with their primary source of protein. Marine pollution, invasive species, overfishing, climate change and more threaten ocean biodiversity and life below water (SDG #14). 


Ocean Diagnostics designs technology specifically to solve the challenges of quantifying and tracking microplastics and accelerating eDNA collection. Our technologies are fit for marine, freshwater and water treatment systems to help you collect the data you need to identify solutions. 


Ocean Diagnostics Microplastics Depth Sampler AscensionP9201597

Microplastics Technologies

Portable, reliable and cutting-edge microplastics sampling and analysis technologies to collect and analyze marine and freshwater microplastics and microfibers.

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eDNA Surface Samplers245

Environmental DNA (eDNA) Technologies

Cutting-edge environmental DNA (eDNA) sampling technologies to accelerate biodiversity monitoring in marine and freshwater environments.

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Bespoke Marine Technology Engineering

We are a collaborative environmental impact company founded on the belief that increased data and knowledge will allow us to protect and monitor our most precious environmental resources more effectively. 

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