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Resources, tools and technology for community scientists and students to tackle local microplastic pollution

Our tools. YOUR power to make a difference. Together, WE create change.

Microplastic pollution has been found in all of Earth’s environments, our food, water, air and even our bodies. Cleaning up plastic pollution is important, but we must also prevent it from entering the environment in the first place. To drive solutions, decision makers need more than global scientists alone can provide.

Community Scientists are students, community members, beach cleanup volunteers and ocean enthusiasts who help to fill these data gaps. Using science and technology Community Scientists collect and analyze microplastic data from their local sandy beaches to help identify and address solutions while helping to fill global data gaps.

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The Data We Need for the Change We Want to See


The Saturna Imaging System is the first-of-its-kind technology that uses machine learning to identify the physical properties of visible microplastics from sandy beaches. Saturna provides community scientists with the ability to identify local microplastic sources and solutions while contributing to a global microplastics data platform. 

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WE ALL have the power to protect our planet from microplastic pollution

Microplastics Community Science

Microplastics Community Science Toolkit

Learn about microplastic pollution, collect real data from your local sandy beach(es), use Saturna to upload and evaluate the data and engage your community in solutions while contributing to a global microplastics database called Mariana. >

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Microplastics Educational Toolkit

Microplastics Educational Toolkit

Educational resources, classroom or field sampling activities, analysis technology and communication tools to empower middle and high school students to tackle microplastic pollution in their classroom or the field.

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Saturna Imaging System Standalone

Saturna Standalone

The standardized imaging and illumination device  is included in the Community Science and Educational Toolkit. On its own, Saturna plugs into your computer and syncs to a standalone analysis web application to rapidly characterize and quantify visible microplastic particles collected without the use of a sandy beach protocol like Manta nets or rocky beaches.

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Digital Kit

Microplastics Educational Digital Guidebook

Introduce your students to microplastic science and data computation activities using existing classroom equipment like rulers, microscopes and forceps instead of the Saturn Imaging System technology. 
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