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State-of-the-art microplastics laboratory analysis capabilities and scientific expertise

Scientific Expertise and Laboratory Analysis Services

Plastics and microplastics have become a major environmental concern. As the global response to this issue intensifies, with the development of regulations, policies, and innovative solutions, we are dedicated to addressing this challenge.

We combine cutting-edge analysis technology and scientific expertise to offer microplastics analysis, consulting and study design services to support organizations and businesses to effectively reduce and manage microplastic contamination. Through our comprehensive data and insights, we enable informed decision-making that aligns with emerging regulations and fosters environmental responsibility.

Our Laboratory

Our specialized laboratory is designed to deliver high sensitivity and reliable microplastics analysis.

Clean Room Contamination Control

We operate in an ISO 5 clean room and strict protocols to minimize contamination.

Cutting-Edge Equipment

Our state-of-the-art Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy (FTIR) with ultrafast chemical imaging offers rapid and accurate microplastics detection, characterization and quantification.

Industry Standards

We follow the latest industry standards and keep our methods at the forefront.

Scientific Expertise

Our highly skilled team proficiently handles, analyzes and interprets microplastic data. They deliver results your organization can confidently rely on for critical decision making.

Our Microplastics Analysis Services

Technical and Strategic Microplastics Consulting 

We combine our scientific expertise and comprehensive microplastics understanding to provide expert advice on environmental impacts, identify and adopt solutions, and adapt to regulatory changes.

Microplastic Polymer Identification Services 

We provide chemical characterization services for research samples using Fournier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy (FTIR) for isolated particesl.

Custom Research and Development 

We provide project design and management, qualified sampling using our specialized technology, sample analysis, data interpretation and practical solutions recommendations.

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