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Open-access collaborative web-based data analysis portal used for the collection, organization, and geospatial visualization of microplastics data from around the world


To predict the answers to important global microplastic pollution questions, researchers and scientists need access to large and open-access datasets. 

Interconnected, collaborative and open data can improve our understanding of microplastic transport, distribution and longevity over large spatial scales and provide the data needed to improve our statistical models. 

Currently, this data is fragmented within different institutions around the world. Without a global standardized perspective, this data remains unviable. 

Mariana is the world’s only cloud-based collaborative microplastics data portal providing high-resolution, open-source global data for visualization and analytics.

Mariana enables collaborators to better organize data and more easily work together toward solutions.

Mariana provides a variety of visual maps, graphs, data analytics and reporting tools to improve our global understanding of plastic distribution. It can be accessed anywhere with internet.