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Real time in-situ sample collection and analysis

The microplastics sensor is currently in development.

Collect and Analyze Microplastics Directly In-Situ

The current processes used to sample and analyze microplastic particles is difficult and time consuming. This has historically limited the amount of data available on global microplastics.

Ocean Diagnostics is currently developing microplastics sensor technology to revolutionize the quantification and characterization of small microplastic particles. The sensor will enable the analysis of water samples for microplastic particles in real-time and eliminate inconsistent and labor-intensive methods to maximize your research time.


In-Situ Physical & Chemical Analysis

The Microplastics Sensor will perform both chemical and physical size characterization of microplastic particles either in a field-based, flow-through system or a fully-submersible in situ sensor.


Industry Standardization

The Microplastics Sensor will perform standardized in-situ analysis for greater control in multi-sample studies.


Increased Capabilities

The Microplastics Sensor will export data to standardized formats to increase your research capabilities and insight.


Simplified Process

The Microplastics Sensor will include an intuitive user interface to simplify the sampling running process.

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