Early Career Scientist Joins Ocean Diagnostics to Tackle Microplastic Pollution


Liliane Stewart is a passionate early career ocean scientist keen to find solutions to some of the ocean's greatest threats. Having recently earned her Bachelor of Science in Oceanography from the University of British Columbia, Liliane has worked alongside microplastics experts developing methods to understand the sources and movement of microplastics in the air.

Growing up in the desert in Tempe, Arizona, Liliane felt like any time near the ocean was a treat. Her intrigue and care for the ocean led her to coastal British Columbia to pursue an education in ocean science. Driven by a passion to protect the ocean, she now joins the Ocean Diagnostics team as a Research Assistant analyzing microplastics.

“Liliane joins us at an exciting time as we expand our laboratory,” explains Chief Scientist, Dr. Anna Posacka. “She has a passion for ocean preservation, and her microplastic research experience will be of great value to our company and partners. We are excited to have her on the team.”

As part of our research team, Liliane will provide research and technical assistance to Ocean Diagnostics' collaborative projects to develop new methods to sample and analyze microplastics in the environment, including the application of Ocean Diagnostics' emerging technologies. Liliane will help advance the team's mission to bring innovative tools and capabilities to researchers, regulators, eNGOS and industry to efficiently monitor and test microplastics to create change.

Liliane is particularly excited to work for Ocean Diagnostics because of the opportunity to study samples from different environmental compartments.

“I am curious to see microplastic samples from different locations and different environments, such as oceans, wastewater and the atmosphere. I want to see how microplastics in these different environments compare to get a better picture of the environmental risks,” she says.

Liliane explains that it is exciting to be at the forefront of this relatively new field of science. She explains that plastic pollution affects everyone and if we simply ignore it, it will only get worse. She is eager to contribute to our understanding of microplastic pollution to find solutions and ways to mitigate the problem.

We are excited to have Liliane join our team and look forward to the new ideas and energy she will bring. Please join us in welcoming her to Ocean Diagnostics.


Ocean Diagnostics Inc.(ODI) is a Victoria, B.C.-based environmental impact company that diagnoses and protects our planet from the threats of plastic pollution and biodiversity loss. Through innovative technology, cutting-edge laboratory capabilities and collaborative partnerships, ODI enables scientists and the public to collect the data needed to influence local and global solutions.