Ocean Diagnostics Appoints Marine Scientist and Technological Innovator as New CEO


(Pictured above: Ethan Edson, Co-Founder and CEO, Ocean Diagnostics)

January 25, 2022 - Ocean Diagnostics Inc. (ODI) has appointed Ethan Edson, the company’s co-founder and former Chief Technology Officer, as its new Chief Executive Officer. A marine scientist, engineer and catalyst for the company’s innovative technologies, Edson has already led the development of ODI's microplastics depth sampling instrument, portable imaging system, global database and automated in-situ microplastics sensor.

Former CEO and co-founder, Dr. Dean Wenham, will continue to provide strategic direction and develop corporate partnerships for the company in his role as director and board member. A seasoned biotech entrepreneur, he will also develop new opportunities at the interface of the ocean science and biotech industries.

“I could not be more confident in transitioning the leadership of our growing company to such a capable, compassionate and committed leader as Ethan,” says Wenham. “This transition is a natural fit, and I am confident in Ethan’s ability to lead the team and advance ODI’s mission and growth.”

Wenham and Edson co-founded the company together in 2018 after identifying a need for innovative technology to fill data gaps on microplastic pollution and empower solutions. Over the last three years, Wenham led the company through its inception and the development of its core technologies and analytical capabilities and established key collaborations.

Through partnerships with global stakeholders, scientists, governments and the public, Edson will now bring these innovations to production and advance the company’s cutting-edge scientific capabilities to help solve complex planetary threats like plastic pollution and biodiversity loss.

With ocean and planetary health being the crux of his personal mission, Edson is committed to advancing microplastics and eDNA technological innovation and scientific capabilities to drive solutions and influence informed decision making.

Edson says, “I am humbled and thrilled to lead our company into its next phase and want to thank Dr. Dean Wenham for his dedication and leadership in bringing us to this critical point. Since our inception just three years ago, we have assembled an incredible team of scientists, engineers and communicators who have developed and validated new cutting-edge instrumentation, laboratory methods and community science programs. In our next phase, we plan to scale these technologies with global strategic collaborators.

He continues, “At the heart of our mission is a persistent desire to be curious, explorative, compassionate and innovative and creatively alleviate problems for our partners to diagnose and protect the health of our oceans. These principles will guide us through our continued growth and help us to increase our positive impact addressing plastic pollution and biodiversity loss.”

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