First Woman Executive Will Lead Microplastics Pollution Research Programs

July 15 - VICTORIA, BC Ocean Diagnostics (ODI) announced today that it has appointed Dr. Anna Posacka as the company’s Chief Scientific Officer. Dr. Posacka joins ODI from the Plastics Lab at Ocean Wise where she was part of the team that discovered the prevalence of textile microfibers in the remote Arctic and, in collaboration with the apparel sector and Canadian government agencies, co-designed and led a research program to identify interventions for textile microfiber pollution.

“We are thrilled to welcome Dr. Posacka to our team," said Ethan Edson, co-founder and Chief Technology Officer. “Along with providing scientific leadership and strategic direction of ODI's plastic pollution research and analytical services division, Dr. Posacka will help the company and its collaborators to better understand the sources, transport and fate of plastic pollution to influence informed decision making.”

Dr. Posacka’s completed her PhD in Oceanography at the University of British Columbia, and her collaborative research and expertise have influenced Canadian policy development, including the recent inclusion of plastics in the list of toxic substances under the Canadian Environmental Protection Act. She currently serves on the Expert Advisory Committee to the US Congress guiding recommendations to address microfiber pollution and is the member of the Board of Directors of Squamish Climate and Action Network, Zero Waste Division.

"The need for innovation, technology and better analysis of microplastic and plastic pollution inspired me to join Ocean Diagnostics,” said Dr. Posacka. “Collecting and analyzing plastic pollution in the environment is technically challenging and the issue is so large and complex. We cannot enact change at a pace that is needed if we don’t have the technologies and platforms to efficiently collect quality data or have consistent practices and reporting criteria.”

Dr. Posacka will lead ODI’s scientific program, laboratory facilities and international research collaborations with academic researchers, government and regulators, industry and citizens.


About Ocean Diagnostics

Ocean Diagnostics Inc. (ODI) is the first environmental impact company to design innovative technologies specifically to advance the sampling, sensing and quantification of microplastics in the environment. By breaking down barriers to studying microplastics ODI empowers researchers and citizens to diagnose and protect the health of our oceans from plastic pollution.